Remy LBO's jazzstrumentalism

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LA producer Remy LBO is staying two steps ahead of us. After gaining attention with his remix to Bilal's “Robots”, which featured Blu, Remy LBO is possibly moving on from beat-crafting despite releasing his Exceptionalism LP this week.

Much like the production lent to Bilal, Exceptionalism makes use of the space between drum beats. If Los Angeles is the land of a thousand drums pumping at a hundred beats per minute, Remy LBO is the outsider, lost somewhere out in Joshua Tree, equipped only with a beat machine and a few keyboards. The jazz excursions on Exceptionalism play out like accents to plot twists as the protagonist makes a startling discovery. Oddly enough, Remy LBO is considering a career change, giving up aspirations for the Blue Note to score films. Perhaps Exceptionalism is his résumé to persuade David Lynch to modernize his pallet and place Remy in the jazz bar scene, in which two women and a dwarf that talks in reverse get handsy under the tablecloth.

Remy LBO, “Taurist”

Exceptionalism is out now on Outer Cosmic Worlds. Hear the record in its entirety here.