Robby Moncrieff & Zach Hill, 5 years ago

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robby moncrieff

Perhaps Robby Moncrieff is not a recognizable name, but if by chance the band What's Up? graced your radar in '09 with its debut Content Imagination, then imagine that band, but with Zach Hill on drums and jazzier.

How on earth is this record five years old? As I looked over the jewel case during my first listen, the words “Recorded Jan. '05” make this record feel like a lost artifact. What would possess Robby Moncrieff to record an album with Zach Hill, a damn good one at that, and then let it collect dust for half a decade? Did it take five years to agree on the title Who Do You Think You Aren't?

It makes sense though. Debuting in '05 with this record would not have worked in either musicians' favor. Robby Moncrieff was still recreating 8-bit NES sounds with The Advantage. He had yet to form What's Up? and collaborate with The Dirty Projectors. Zach Hill was still generating noise with Hella and had yet to play drums with every musician under the California sun and Wavves. The timing is appropriate now that we sorta have reference points for these two dudes.

Who Do You Think You Aren't?