Run DMT, Tonstartssbandht, Family Portrait, Amen Dunes, and Jerry Paper @ 285 Kent

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The lights kept flickering on and off while the PA system continued to work. The crowd went nuts and the performers seemed to dig it.

Jerry Paper was first up. The crowd was rooting for him and he crafted his echoing sounds with intensity. At times he looked disturbed by his own dreams. I liked it.

Tonstartssbandht jammed out some psych rock tunes, reminiscent at times to Silver Apples and Black Sabbath. The crowd was into it and they generously gave that same energy back.

By the time Amen Dunes came on I got distracted. So I just wrote down all the stuff a pretty face said to me. Something about, “a rough sound that transmits a mood and solid idea of not holding one’s self back.”

The folks were nice. A few boys in front of me nearly climbed the walls and at least appeared to be on acid.