Shlohmo is one generous dude

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Shlohmo is living the dream properly. If you follow the LA producer at all, he's a gracious fellow who is never brief in expressing his adoration for everyone that listens to his music and makes it possible for him to earn a living. His graciousness is equaled in generosity.

His new Vacation EP dropped digitally this week via Friendf of Friends, which should recieve your dollars purely on the strength of Shlohmo's insistence that he give away remixes and live versions of his songs leading up to this release date. Earlier in the week FoF gave away Teebs' “wen uuu” remix, which will not make the vinyl version of the EP that features remixes from Salva, Groundislava, Airhead and Nicolas Jaar. Shlohmo followed up today with a download of a live tracked version of “Seriously” off his Bad Vibes LP. Like we said, he is a giver of great things.

Purchase the Vacation EP digitally here or preorder the vinyl, which ships March 6.