Six Degrees of Beefheart!

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Thanks a lot to all our respondents to the first ever Six Degrees of Beefheart contest, which attempts to connect two disparate artists within six degrees. Here are the most convincing (and/or vaguely coherent) responses. Scroll to the bottom for next week's Six Degrees of Beefheart challenge.

Elliot Smith –> GZA

Elliot Smith shared the Good Will Hunting soundtrack with Al Green.
Mary J. Blige sampled Simply Beautiful (1972) by Al Green in her song PMS (2001)
Mary J. Blige dueted with Method Man in “I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By” in 1995
Method Man was in Wu Tang.
Gza was too, bitch.

Howlin Wolf –> Kid 'n Play

Howlin' Wolf sang “Back Door Man”
“Back Door Man” was covered by The Doors
The Doors' story was made into a movie.
Another great movie about the wild lifestyle of musicians is House Party.
House Party stars Kid N' Play and their kick-stepping adventures
Kid has to freestyle his way out of getting butt plugged in jail by “Back Door Men”

Sorry guys. We call bullshit. You can't just jump between “wild lifestyle movies” like they're a niche genre. That'd make it possible to unironically connect Hard Days Night to Idlewild in one fell swoop.

Here's one if you want to talk about Back Door Men: Jimi Hendrix and Morrison sang about fucking in the ass and Kid 'n Play got fucked in the ass by the industry.

Don Henley –> Clipse

Don Henley appeared on MTV Unplugged in 1990.
Jay-Z appeared on the show ten years later.
Jay-Z has worked with the Neptunes, including numerous production credits for the duo on The Blueprint
The Neptunes were the first production outfit to trump Clipse.

Not bad. Also a possibility:

Don Henley was in the Eagles.
The dude fucking hated the Eagles.right
So does Clipse.

Styx –> Sufjan Stevens

Fuck you. No one cares about your fucking contest. Fucking Styx, go Styx your website up Sufjan Stevens perfumed asshole.

That dude got a free cd. We also got a “give up version”. Why do you email us with give up versions?

Styx is from Chicago, Illinois
“Come On Feel the Illinoise” by Sufjan Stevens.
I tried tying in the river Styx and Paradise Lost and bands who've had songs called “Paradise Lost” and it was fucking ridiculous.

No comment. Here are the entries for next week's Beefheart challenge. Get back to us before Friday at noon (email info at imposemagazine dot com) of next week and you might be a lucky winner. Of something awesome.

Aids Wolf –> Freddy Mercury

Stephen Malkmus –> Boy George

The Animals –> David Byrne

Dave Grohl –> Damo Suzuki