Six Degrees of Beefheart #6

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Six Degrees of Beefheart trucks on for its sixth incredible week of nonstop, mind blowing entertainment, obscurely connecting musicians who want nothing to do with each other within six degrees, all in the name of truth and our inability to get out of work early on Friday. Believe me, we would be drinking right now if it were an option.

The Fresh Prince ⇒ The Cure

1. Will Smith and Robert Smith are both men in black. Done.

Tears for Fears ⇒ Blood, Sweat and Tears

1. Tears for Fears is named after the “primal therapy” treatment of Arthur Janov, which supposed that people would get to the roots of their needs and emotions via the experience of real “pain”. The practice was made famous when John Lennon experimented with it.

2. John Lennon was in the Beatles.

3. Blood Sweat and Tears won much of their mass audience with cover songs, including one, in 1975 of the Beatle's “Got to Get You into My Life“.

Marc Bolan ⇒ Madonna

1. Marc Bolan was just another dude with a guitar for almost 23 years of his life, until a feather boa and a few dabs of glitter ushered in an era of imitators. Glam, apparently was born.

2. David Bowie was a close friend of Bolan's and sometimes imitator, with the glam thing. Bolan backed Bowie on the former's early recordings; they performed a guitar duet in the final episode of the after school television program Marc prior to Bolan's death.

3. David Bowie contributed his voice to a character in the animated feature film Arthur et les Minimoys, as did Madonna.

Also, Madonna is kind of the personification of a glam-cyborg in drag.

The Animals ⇒ Animal Collective

1. The Animals lead singer was Eric Burdon. Burdon went on to join the multi-ethnic funk band War.

2. One of War's major hits was “Lowrider

3. “Lowrider” was covered by The Moldy Peaches.

4. The Peaches were once signed to Rough Trade, before taking a hiatus in 2004.

5. (a) Rough Trade = indie bands that may or may not have a connection to Animal Collective. Who gives a fuck, my head hurts.

5. (b) But wait, I caught a second wind,one that has spun this whole scenario on its head…

4. Animal Collective was part of the rediscovery of Vashti Bunyan.

3. Vashti Bunyan was a British folk singer from the 1960s, who moved to Scotland to join a commun with Donovan. Yes, THE Donovan who won our hearts with “Mellow Yellow“.

2. Mr. Donovan signed to NEMS Enterprises in 1965 and was introduced to Mickie Most.

1. Most produced for Donovan and The Animals.

Game, set, match.

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Pimp C ⇒ Lee Renaldo

Patti Smith ⇒ Craig Finn

George Harrison ⇒ Rihanna

M.O.P ⇒ The Flaming Lips