So, about “Glazin”

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Are you glazin? Bro-tron, I'm totally glazin right now. I'm glazin out of my skull!

The new Black Dice single “Glazin” just inspired some fairly annoying lingo I might spread. This weekend I will test out “glazin” and “bro-tron” on friends. They will undoubtedly fail, but that will be the pleasure in it.

I would venture to say glazin, an act possibly related to getting stoned on the scent of donuts, is far safer than the latest fad amongst teens. You have yet to hear of butt hash?

Black Dice, “Glazin”

More importantly “Glazin” is the first leak from Black Dice's fifth album REPO. The track listing looks highly promising. No homo, but I'm anxious to hear “Ten Inches.”

REPO tracklist, man:
01 Nite Creme
02 Glazin
03 Earnings Plus Interest
04 Whirligig
05 La Cucaracha
06 Idiots Pasture
07 Lazy TV
08 Buddy
09 Ten Inches
10 Chicken Shit
11 Vegetable
12 Urban Super Mist
13 Ultra Vomit Craze
14 Gag Shack

REPO is out April 7 on Paw Tracks.