The Republican Rapper (no, not LL Cool J)

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If rap is the CNN of the streets, then this guy is Fox New.

Over the years hip hop has exposed us to some of the most inspiring, politically minded and socially aware members of our generation. From Chuck D to Dead Prez, we have met these brilliant minds and taken their words into our lives to help us understand our place in this sometimes frustrating democratic nation. I now have another genius to present to you, avid hip hop fan and young political activist, that you are sure to include in your top 10 MCs list for years to come. His name is Hi-Caliber, and he is the second best conservative rapper in the game, with the first, of course, being MC Rove. Watch this report on the gifted microphone fiend and take note of his wisdom.

When is the Hi-Caliber vs. Immortal Technique battle taking place? We may roll our eyes at the idea of a conservative rapper, but give Hi-Caliber props where they're due. He isn't a terrible rapper, he seems sincere, and he does the angry conservative thing about as well as our favorite talk show host. And while Hi-Caliber is certainly a stunt, the true clown in this video is the reporter doing the interview, Max Blumenthal. Just watching that guy while Hi-Caliber rapped was like watching Daddy Yankee campaign for John McCain in 2008 – pure embarrassment. Bobbing his head sporadically, grimacing at every Democrat name-dropped, licking his lips like the raps make him hungry. Jesus, that guy is the worst.

Anyway, this brings us to Impose's latest contest:

This is obviously just the beginning of Republican rap. Hi-Caliber is far too talented and successful to remain an isolated phenomenon, and the scores of Republican rappers likely coming out of the woodwork will need names. Can you help this budding community by posting your Republican rap names below in the comments section? The best rap name's creator will be awarded one high five from me at the next Impose party.