Watch: Johnson & Jonson “Up All Night”

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Blu and Mainframe prove they're bout it bout it til the break of dawn, and then some.

Comprised of Blu and Mainframe, Johnson & Jonson's debut collaboration is far from soft as baby powder. With this video, the duo also prove they're not stricken with curfews. The only thing this lacks is a trip to IHOP as the sun comes up.

In related news, Johnson & Jonson's red baby “Johnny,” famous for his album cover appearance has gone missing. Drop everything, there's a missing baby! Johnny has not been seen since October in San Francisco. Report any information on Johnny's whereabouts to 1.800.JOHNSON[at]gmail[dot]com. I take missing baby matters very seriously and plan to attend Blu's San Francisco performance at The Independent on December 9. Hopefully there's an after party after the search party.