Watch: Videohippos MS Paint explosion made by 17-year old

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Jim Triplett, guitarist for Videohippos says:

A young MS Paint wizard from North Carolina named Chris Lineberry has just finished a video animation for our new song “Happy Creek”. It's pretty amazing, especially considering it was made with MS Paint! “Happy Creek” is being released on cassette on Unnecessary Friction Records.The video works perfectly with the explosive color schemes of Videohippos' live projections, replete with unidentified sea creatures, rainbows and hallucinogenic cats.

Our young (17) year old MS Painter in question has posted a number of mesmerizing homemade videos at his YouTube page, where he also notes his interest, or perhaps his hobby “lollygagging, dillydallying, twiddling, but not relaxing.” Oh Generation I, is there nothing that can make you go outside? Just kidding. Keep clicking Lineberry, and at the very least, avoid your do-gooding alter-ego.