Winner of best press photo ever goes to…

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You guessed it. That's the newly minted back-to-being-a-duo Hella, with Zach Hill (drums) and Spencer Seim (guitar) standing on an important board room conference table, Seim one-upping Hill's tiny dude get up by shrinking himself down even further and dressing like a gnome.

The other part of the email that included this photo:

HELLA is officially back to being a duo! Zach Hill (drums) and Spencer Seim (guitar) are currently writing, working and ripping on their first full length album as a two piece band in four years. The album will be recorded and finished this year of 2009. Hella has not decided on what record label will be releasing it, or whom will be producing/engineering the album. Those details will be figured and announced sooner than later. International touring will most likely follow suit. Until then GET PSYCHED, CHAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!