Darkbird – Bad Self

Dependant on rock music

The Dream Syndicate with Richard Lloyd at The Bowery Ballroom

The Dream Syndicate rocked the socks off of the crowd hungry for music from their first album in 30 years (How Did I Find Myself Here?) as well as their classics.

Sunday Premiere – Wooter “Too Much Choice”

Hear the profound passion from the depths of Wooter

Derde Verde – Shattered Moon

A coalescing humdinger

Coyote Mustache, “Laced”

Embrace the multigenre

Wooter “It Was There” – Sunday Premiere

Influencing ones state of mind

Petrus Nordh “Break in Half”


Old S Resort “Whiskey”

Sending you away on a literal mind-altering gyrate.

Sunday Premiere – Wooter “Finger”

Behold the Mind of Rowan Brind

Hamilton Leithauser and Courtney Marie Andrews at Wonder Ballroom

A last celebratory night of the tour.

Goodfight “Florida Room”

The Pioneers of Sound Itself.

Wooter “Basement Kid”

Not all work for the world

Hot Snakes, Hurry Up and The Suicide Notes live at Star Theater

A welcoming return

Sunday Premiere – Wooter “Messin Around”

Sundays Potency

Wooter with “Moving West”

A song for the uninhibited.