CVLTS, Black Hole, Hi Five c19

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cvlts black hole hi five c19

Atelier Ciseaux is meeting CVLTS uber-minimal tone impressions and raising them one uber-limited release. Black Hole, Hi Five will land in 30 unique set of hands and 30 only, barring any uber-reissue thirty years from now when every noise fetishist and his guitar-nob twiddling dog will buy the repackaged collector box set edition that houses the same nine whimsy-ridden tracks.

Package plans:

Black tape – home painted – vintage picture postcard (30 different, some of them are written) inside a plastic sleeve.

And it doesn't matter how sick and tired you may be of VCR-texturized found footage vids, this one is worth its creepiness in late night easy chair infomercials:

Grab one of the tapes here.