Hobbledeions' “Capisce” c45

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Hobbledeions, "Capisce" c45 from No Kings

No Kings is an LA-based tape label that just sent me some boxed cassette love in the mail, including this mesmerizing c45 from Nashville noise daemon Scott Martin, whose pedigree as a drummer includes spots with Lambchop, Hands Off Cuba, Leslie Keffer, Cortney Tidwell, Damo Suzuki, according to the little Tumblr buy me spot you should roll over to here.

All the tapes in the collection were beautifully screened and letter-pressed with a heightened awareness of what pops off a small plastic rectangle. But Martin's four-piece drum attacks were the most immediately visceral of the young collection. Flip the two samples of the sides below – the first one a hectic traffic circle of rhythmic junctures and non-stop left-at-light curves while the B takes a solo drum and loop tour as far as it can go towards grungy dub step.

Before I discovered the below Soundcloud sample, I made two lo-res versions of my own. Hope no one shoots me for it.

Hobbledeions, Capisce A Side (Excerpt)

Hobbledeions, Capisce B Side (Excerpt)

Hobbledeions by No Kings

And finally, snapped a shot of some of that snazzy letter-pressed insert action here: