5 Literary Kickstarter Projects to Back Now

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The Kansas*House

December is now in the double-digits, so you know that it’s the season for giving. If you want to get some more generosity on, try some of these literary Kickstarter projects that need some support. Most of them offer a nifty gift once you pledge your money. And just be cool, make sure you have the money in your account before you back it.

One of my criteria for choosing these were that there was still some time to give, that it hadn’t over exceeded and that I was mildly interested. Also, having a good video definitely helps. Talking heads in front of the computer is too much like ChatRoulette.

Projects are ranked from least amount of money to most.

The Kansas*House Project (D.C/Arlington, VA.)
Needed: $250 Pledged as of Writing: $60 w/ 69 days to go.

Some punk rock librarian is trying to put together an archive of photos and videos from this DIY venue in the DC area. In an interview I read, she was throwing around the Dismemberment Plan and Q and Not U and that sounds good enough to me. She only needs $250 for some research with a book possibly to come. I can’t believe they only need that much.

All Hands On: The 2nd Hand After 10 (Chicago/Nashville)
Needed: $2,000 Pledged as of Writing: $1,384 of $2000 w/ 56 days to go.

Chicago-now-Nashville-based broadsheet The 2nd Hand is putting together an anthology of some of the best writing in its 10 years. Publisher Todd Dills is offering all sorts of sweet prizes for various pledges, including a copy of the completed book and books by other authors such as Patrick Somerville’s The Universe In Miniature in Miniature. A lot of Chicago literati will appear in the book.

Put A Egg On It (Brooklyn)
Needed: $2500 Pledged as of Writing: $2145 w/ 9 days to go.

I knew nothing about this pub before seeing it on Kickstarter, but PAEOT is trying to get out issue #3. Its goofy vid and more personable Vimeo flip-through sold me. Plus their graphics look sharp. Described as an art and literary digest, everything in it is about food and cooking. You can get on this for only $1 if so inclined.

Awkward Moments With Men (Nashville)
Needed: $15,000 Pledged as of Writing: $4,011 w/ 74 days to go.

Now we’re getting ambitious. Awkward Moments with Men will chronicle the uncomfortable moments of women with men and post these stories in bathroom stalls across America with an accompanying art show. A lot of their funds will be going to some publishing and marketing, with some of the campaign money given for prostate cancer research. Further incentives include an Awkward Gift Basket for anyone that raises $1000, which includes a horse head bottle opener and Kim the Talking Clock.

Dear Hank (NYC)
Needed: $25,000 Pledged as of Writing: $1,476 w/ 72 days to go.

Come on big money. Dear Hank’s idea is to spread out old-fashioned typewriters with a roll of paper and let America type its feelings away. No spellcheck, no electricity and plenty of rolling down hills. A selection of stories will appear in a book. Sounds bold and ambitious, just like a good literary dream should be. Not sure where they’re getting the typewriters, which might be why this one’s goal is so high…it’s a cool vid, so check that at least.

If you wanna know more about how to leverage Kickstarter for your literary dream, read this over at HTML Giant. The author is a professional fundraiser and supported a few other projects a few months ago. She has some good insight. Also, I know a couple of these projects are in my hometown, honestly I didn’t know they were going on until I clicked over to Kickstarter. And that’s the truth.