What to read (right now) XXI: Pop Serial Issue 2

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Pop Serial Cover 2 w/ Jordan Castro / Pop Serial

Pop Serial is the project of Stephen Tully Dierks and his second issue hits so hard that everyone is weeping not from pain but from sheer exaltation of it finally making its Internet peace with a smooth new site.

All of your faves or should-be faves and undiscovered faves have a piece in here — really capturing 'something' — whether that's a new style, a new view or rehashed styles of minimalistic heroes — I'll let you decide, but it's all fine and enjoyable, possibly even more stimulating than the sno-ball-cone-shaved ice thing I got yesterday when it was a 100 degrees.

Those faves or should-be faves and undiscovered faves include the likes of…Kendra Grant Malone, David Fishkind, Jordsan Castro, Richard Chiem, Ana C., Frank Hinton and then the always excellent Sam Pink, Tao Lin and Brandon Scott Gorrell.

Everything is coming up Pop Serial.