Geez: Coheed and Cambria bassist jailed for armed robbery

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michael todd


According to TMZ, Coheed and Cambria bassist Michael Todd walked into a Walgreens in Attleboro, MA on Saturday, July 11, showed the pharmacist a cellphone message that claimed he had a bomb, and demanded Oxycontin. Six bottles of painkillers richer, he then proceeded to hop a cab to the Comcast Center where Coheed and Cambria were opening for Soundgarden.

Cops were able to track the cab and Todd was jailed, charged with armed robbery and unlawful possession of prescription narcotics, and held on $10,000 bail.

We're just wondering: a bomb?? Because the most efficient way to hold up a drug store is by blowing it up? Still, if we had to open for Soundgarden we'd need at least six bottles of Oxycontin. Zip! Blammo!