Idiot Savant Edition

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Despite the somber national mood (9/11 commemorations, war threats, and the like), rappers kept us in stitches this week. Our entries with one notable exception, were joke-filled and light-hearted. Below, the Lines of the Week:

5. “We can ball, or I can let this AR teach a seminar on how to cease a nigga's heartbeat/This ain't art, this is Shark Week” — Fashawn, 'El Chapo Baby' lyrics
Fashawn completely wrecks this long “Picasso Baby” freestyle. Comparing his “eating” of his rap opponents to the destruction wrought by our favorite TV guilty pleasure made us extremely happy.

4. “The reason it's confusing/Alicia Silverstone in that movie with hair — you can't share with the clueless” — Loaded Lux, 'Sway in the Morning Freestyle' lyrics
Lux has a new mixtape, which we love. But this freestyle pun really won our hearts. We can't remember the last time we heard a good pun on “Cher.” It's certainly a hell of a lot better than this one.

3. “I throw acid on your eyelids/Then I piss on your eyes, call it iPiss” — NORE, 'Judo' lyrics
We can't claim to understand this one at all. Is it a weird, nonsensical iPhone joke? Is he just saying “eye piss”? Is that a thing? NORE left us puzzled with this, but still managed to get us to crack up.

2. “By the sea and beach/From my room, you could see the beach/Gucci linens, see the sheets, green and peach/Chandeliers out your reach/Smoking that Chong and Cheech/Two girls in thongs, Dawn and Keish', off the leash” — Cam'ron, 'Duckin' Onetime' lyrics
Killa Cam is better than just about anyone else at long strings of rhymes. Here, he keeps the vowel sounds going through a series of increasingly ridiculous scenarios.

1. “Every time I turn around, my niggas dying/So I like walking in the rain so you can't see me crying/You think I'm walking, but I'm flying/Immune to the sirens, in tune with the Mayans” — A.G., 'It's Nuthin' lyrics
It wasn't all jokes this week. A.G. took us through on an emotional ride through his psyche on this tune, and we come out the other end sadder but wiser.