Ramsey, “See You Bleed”

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LA-based singer, writer and producer Ramsey is a modern-day Siren: those haunting creatures in Greek Mythology that were beautiful – yet dangerous – who lured and entrapped nearby sailors with their enchanting music and intoxicating voices.

Just one listen to Ramsey’s ultra-dark new single, “See You Bleed,” will do just that. She forces you to take a look at life’s shadowy side — but you’ll be glad you did — most notably, with one of the most unique voices in music today. Her voice is a sensation, mixing pretty with raspy, and demonstrating an enviable range and moody passion. Her sound is modern, a trip-hop infused experimental genre, infused with a violent intensity and a dark sensuality.

And “See You Bleed” is a revelation. It distorts what you once thought you knew about sound and aesthetics – it makes grunge pretty, and gothic sexy, mixing beauty with darkness in a completely alluring way.

Remember the haunting sound of DeVotchka’s “How It Ends”? Combine that with an irresistible vocal presence, dark sex appeal, and a musical presence that will consume you — and you’re still only scratching the surface of Ramsey’s potential.