Stickers, Joy

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Stickers are a band from Seattle, but beyond that, I don’t really know much about them. While their social media presence is pretty bare at present, their Bandcamp simply states, “four young shredders getting off on the thrash,” so there’s that. Stickers has just recently released a new LP, titled Joy, and it’s made up of 11 tracks.

All of the tracks have very interesting titles – “Ms. Rogers”, “Nudist”, “Butthole”, “Pigeon”, “Two-Ton Load”, “Men”, “Molasses”, “Stew”, “Egg”, “Slide”, and “Natural 14”. If anyone can find a correlation between them, let me know, because I can’t.

The record starts off “Ms. Rogers,” which has a cool guitar line. Vocals glide over the top of the relentless instrumentals. This track is carefree and just lets loose. The album as a whole is full of face paced songs, with the guitar at the heart of them. “Pigeon” slows things down a little bit, but not by much. The track feels ominous and slightly dark. All the tracks have a similar feel to them, like a central theme, while still maintaining the individuality between the songs.

“Egg” is the shortest track on the album, at a minute and 5 seconds long, and it speeds things up and throws everything into hyperdrive. With the guitar and drums going at full speed, this track is a wall of sound that doesn’t give up. This whole album was recorded and mixed by Erik Blood at Chemical X and Black Space studios in Seattle, and mastered by Adam Straney.

Joy is available now.