Week in Pop: Deep Cuts, Fatt Father, PANGS

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Max Gardener

The latest from Max Gardener; press photo courtesy of the artist.
The latest from Max Gardener; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Presenting the follow-up to Max Gardener’s Citrus City debut Memory Lounge with a listen to his brand new Stirrings EP available now through Gardener’s own imprint Sadie Street Records. The San Francisco artist orchestrates an even more plush sounding dream world, where everything feels like components from the adventurous visions that transpire during an episode of enchanted slumber.

Max Gardener takes the listener to this celestial place of tranquility & warm feelings on the opening “Where Lovers Dream”, that then gives an exclusive tour of dreamland on “Lessons of a Daydream”. The weirdness of contemporary feelings are entertain on the slow skipping “This Day & Age”, that rises up to the sophisticated expressions expelled on the title track “Stirrings”, to the evening electro-lounge glances of “Midnight Moon”. Gardener glows with that west coast bonfire/campfire cool that would sound at home at the Growler’s Beach Goth hullabulloo, showing off some beautiful guitar work & glowing chords on “Free Spirits” & the hopeful hymn “Soon Enough” where Max mixes together his own glimmering keys with those sharp chords that will keep you forever interested in all forthcoming offerings from the young Bay Area artist on the rise. Gardener provided us with the following intro to the new Stirring EP:

I am constantly recording and writing songs, I think it’s really the only thing I actually know how to do properly nowadays. For this EP, I was stuck on it for so long doing so many different mixes, but as I continued to read and learn about certain techniques, I found what I wanted.