Week in Pop: Deep Cuts, Fatt Father, PANGS

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Tredici Bacci

Tredici Bacci & former G-Toss bass man Simon Hanes; press photo courtesy of the artist/NNA Tapes.
Tredici Bacci & former G-Toss bass man Simon Hanes; press photo courtesy of the artist/NNA Tapes.

Don’t miss a listen to NNA Tapes’s latest release from former Guerilla Toss bassist Simon Hanes’ own 14 member strong group Tredici Bacci based in NYC who present a listen to their massive album debut Amore Per Tutti. As a musician & a composer, Hanes & accompaniment together create a timeless soundtrack that is straight from a long-lost cinematic classic from the latter era of the twentieth century. Tredici Bacci is about to blow your mind where you will be treated to appearances of artist icons such as Ruth Garbus, Charlie Looker, JG Thirlwell, Ryan Power, Vincenzo Vasi & so many more. Your sense of time & place will be discombobulated while you find yourself being hurdled through a time warp like none other. This is the event of 2016 not to be missed.

Simon Hanes provided the following preface/prelude to Tredici Bacci’s magnificent album Amore Per Tutti:

The title of this album, Amore Per Tutti (Love For Everybody) is a hint as to the inspiration which led to its conception, as well as a thinly veiled reference to a film by Federico Fellini.

Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with many musicians and artists who, like me, draw a great deal of influence from the musical conventions of an era distinctly different than our own.

By collaborating with musicians who draw inspiration from the same influences as myself, I hope to celebrate the fact that every creative act of music is reliant on direct human relationships—relationships that are, when you get right down to it, responsible for the creation of something distinct and uniquely beautiful.

Every singer, songwriter, lyricist, producer, composer, arranger, and musician on this record is celebrating their shared love for the infinity of possibilities that are encompassed by the act of making music; you’ll hear Morricone, Bacharach, Gainsbourg, the mid-1960s, the early 70s—the rain-soaked streets of Paris, the open plains of the Wild West, the crime-ridden streets of downtown LA—pleasure, pain, sex, hate, fear, anger, blood, sweat and tears; but most importantly, I guarantee you’ll hear love for everybody.