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Week in Pop

Courtesy of Hoko Sounds, DJ Poodle Emoji released a listen to the lounge ready drum & bass fantasias with the broken EP. The adventure into an ambient world that extends beneath the surface starts on “devices” that is a deeper audio examination that looks beyond the medium that delivers media. The rhythms race in cool keyboard connected patterns with “smiles on me” that arrives at the closing fuzzy lo-fi cut “want to” that showcases the joys that can be found with just a guitar & drum machine.

Sidewalk Chalk’s fourth album An Orchid Is Born drops June 2 from Ropeadope Records and this week saw them share the new consciousness of heavy hearts & beautiful open minds that reach forward with resistance and reaffirmed commitments to life against all odds on the uplifting, yet solemn, “A Suite For Black Lives”. Robert “Sput” Searight’s production takes all the collective situations & feelings to the top that become the world-war magnitude backdrop for Rico Sisney to offer up a heavy dose of truths & triumphs. In Sisney’s own words:

For people of color in this country, achieving self-acceptance is far more difficult because we’re taught to hate ourselves by the media, the education system, and politicians. This song is about struggling with internal demons and then turning on the external ones. I could write a damn dissertation on this but I’ll leave it at that.

The Bay’s (Oakland by Berkeley ) Street Eaters took no prisoners and set forth their provisional demands on the proverbial table in spit & ripped metal chord-strings with the unrelenting “Means”. The Envoy is available today from the group’s imprint Nervous Intent Records. Read the premiere via our friends at Spark featuring interview from editor Victoria Ruiz (Downtown Boys/Malportado Kids/activist/boss)

Ratboys presented the sentimental video from Kenna Hynes for Tiny Ship Co of mourning & celebration for “Elvis is in the Freezer” from the upcoming second album GN available June 30 from Topshelf Records. The lively, jubilant & privy sound from Julia Steiner & Dave Sagan is brought about as the sound score for a tale about the life & times & afterlife of a beloved cat that is remembered with solemnity & humor.

Featured off the upcoming album As Consolation available later this spring, check out the grand stage dramatiste presence of Ward White on “Dude”. Adhering to the power-pop schemes of college radio demagogues of the previous decades, White takes the everything and the kitchen sink approach to make a passionate delivery even more grandiose.

Off PLAZA’s self-titled EP from Beyond the Wall with the insular inside-view to a nervous meltdown on “Deep in My Head”. Let out all your angst with an emo ridden anthem that offers up fiery displays of Brad Lennard’s vocal delivery & guitar bursts of unforgiving fury.

Annabel Allum dropped the catchy & electric single “Eat Greens” that presents what is the latest & greatest PSA jam that reminds you to eat your vegetables. The distorted rhythms stomp & plod through the terrain and take flight to infinite levels of the stratosphere with a whole lotta attitude.

Brighton’s Orchards brought a bounty of bright tones on “Darling” that strikes like an instant love-not passed in class desk-to-desk until reaching intended recipient (or unintended interception). The emotion rings true as the chords swarm with a swell of elated feelings.

The Wild Now brought us some sweet brass & a smooth presentation with the single “Tongue Tied” featured off the Afterglow EP available May 19. The horns & smoky electric instrumentation occurs like an ephemeral phenomenon that exhibits those expressions & moods that are illustrated in sensuous song that communicates in manners where words fail.

Lea Porcelain presented Micki Rosi Richter’s expansive & vast landscape visuals for “Remember” off the upcoming Hymns To The Night album available June 16. The rural to city scene settings bring out the more sublime sides of Vegas that run parallel to the song’s introspective sound. Lea Porcelain introduced the video to us with the followings:

This video somehow symbolizes this journey and our train of thought to be patient and to find that special something, that spark. And as we found it, it was so extraordinary but on the other hand so familiar as if it had been there forever. In the end this video became a journey for us as well to find and remember the essential things in life.

Austin’s Leather Girls offered the world their own whirling dance craze with “Arabian Daze” that packs a punch like a jukebox gem offered up in a Tarantitno original. Erik Camacho, Mike Garrido, Dillon Fernandez & Deborah White make the mystic melodies you would hear in your garage over a tiny AM radio while practicing with the gang, working on a vehicle, tinkering at a work bench, etc. Leather Girls’ self-titled album debut will be available June 2 from Yippee Ki Yay Records.

Featured off the forthcoming Live At The Witch’s Tit album, watch the Brian McClelland video for Kristeen Young’s theatrical “Nice”. Mixing slices of simpatico with illustrations of dramatic eccentricity; Young will keep you captivated with a host of wild gesticulations & an all-out erratic arrangement that serves as Kristeen’s creative tactic.

New Zealand’s Ladi6 returned with the new jam “Guru” featured off their forthcoming new EP Royal Blue 3000 available June 2. Pack leader Ladi with producer Parks, backed by the talents of Julien Dyne & Brandon Haru; the group refines their sound toward some new grounds of tranquil serenity & elevated execution of shaman-like production/arrangement considerations.

Sweden’s Mount Song brought the smooth & sentimental single “Rocket Ride” featured off their self-titled album available now from Suncave Recordings. Jacob Johansson stitches his expressions in passionate lyrics & an arrangement that underscores all involved emotive insinuations.

NRVS LVRS busted out the electro-pop punch of “I Am Almost Perfectly Awake” to wake you from your rest. Featured off their second album Electric Dread June 30; allow this to be your snazzy lamppost to an evening of digitized & IRL endeavors of nothing less than amazing.

Cherryade brought something for everyone who is just barely getting through the day to day with the bottom of the barrel & loving it chic of “Get By” that gets absolutely mental with a whole lotta tongue in cheek attitudes.

Touring May 27 through June 9 with The Bilinda Butchers, No Vacation presented their new single “Yam Yam” featured off their upcoming mixtape available later this summer from Topshelf Records. The San Francisco quintet follows up the beloved “Mind Fields” with something that should instill a plethora of excitement in all local & international enthusiasts of the Bay Area’s forever evolving scenes of prominence.

Offering up the Duncan Loudon video of the b-side off the recent To The Door/Music! release, get into the act with HMLTD’s “Music!” that exhibits all the excitement offered by UK act conveyed in tunneling visuals that takes you deep beneath the surface of their ultra-electric sounds.

Mike Edge dropped his self-titled debut EP today & delivered the Joe Batty video to “I’ve Got Time”. The singer/producer/etc artist presents a delectable view of afternoon delights & decadence to compliment a sound rooted in twentieth century modernist productions & more.

Chicago’s The War on Peace offered up some pensive songs for modern times with the Automated People EP. From the reflections on “Fear of Loss” to the closing “Close Your Eyes”; the inner courses of convictions, monologues & discourse are met together in a collision of feelings & insights that shine forward through the bleakness of our current era.

Hear Minke’s new single get remixed by Savoir Adore with the redux of “Gold Angel”. Celestial entities decorated in pure ore are exemplified on this rhythmic strutting re-tricked wonder.

Mount Kimbie dropped the Mark Lebon video for “Marilyn” ft. Micachu that offers up a host of nostalgic home visuals that brings the past closer to the present with a whole lot of sentimentality to match the song’s own holistic presentation.