Fishing, “///$$$ Fishing 420 Supamix $$$\\\”

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If there’s one lasting impression Australian duo Fishing like to leave you with when spinning their recently released Shy Glow record, it’s relaxation, particularly the brand associated with hammocks strung between palm trees, tropical beverages with exotic fruit garnishes, and lots of tanning oils.  The carefree orchestration of tracks like “Recoup” wash away the doldrums like a high tide to sandcastles. Also, little known fact: these dudes are 420 friendly.

Fishing’s Doug Wright and Russell Fitzgibbon wrote Shy Glow on the road, journeying from Chicago, trains across Italy, flats in London, and back down under in their homes in Sydney. For their contribution to our Friday Night series Fishing don’t want you to go anywhere, but sink deep into your couch for an afternoon session the befalls on a particular hour like a junky’s siesta.

The duo elaborated on their intent below:

This is a mixup of mp3s from Soundcloud rips, Bandcamps, and zip files that made it into our download directory over the past year. The common thread is that a lot of the tracks sound like they’ve been through five cassette generations before they reached the internet. It’s always a nice thing to have a clean looking browser window playing tracks that sound a bit rough and ready. After listening to so many sparse, bass heavy internet club mixes, we wanted to relax our ears and put together a mixtape more suited to my Volvo stereo.

But hold on son, this isn’t an opportunity to hotbox my car, this is a reclamation of 4:20 for productivity and KPI achievement. Too often, switching over to the woozy tape jams in the late afternoon is used as a means to slack off. When 4:20 strikes and the rest of the workforce takes that well-publicised break, it’s up to you alone to sit up, focus, and knuckle down because you’ve probably been stoned all day. Light up this mix in your bureau for that final push.

Fishing’s Shy Glow is out now on Create Control.

01 ℝez – Drakebelike
02 Javelin – doug flutey
03 kirkis – willywonka.
04 Computer Jay – Old Hearts
05 KVZE – gale crater groove
06 dil withers – sway. [shall.we?]
07 Andras Fox – Strungout
08 Duzz – Flexn
09 Mattron – Manualabour
10 Kool G Rap – Fast Life (Duzz slow life edit)
11 Lukid – Laroche
12 Kirvy – What I do
13 JIIIIIM – Axxelfoley
14 Tommy – Cyberthug
15 Duzz – Jobhunt
16 Prada Mane – I Know
17 Buddy X – Priorities
18 Valentina – GTFO rmx 1
19 Psymun – Blind (feat. Spooky Black)
20 Spooky Black – Without U (Prod. Greaf)
21 Arca – Walls
22 Yung AOL – Wineup
23 Melty – Access denied
24 Kuhrye-oo – Give in (for the fame)
25 CFCF – Cometrue