Ghost Feet, “Give Me Something”

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Portland label Dropping Gems live up to its name in its latest compilation full of great tracks entitled Gem Drops Four. According to Dropping Gems’ Soundcloud this collection of songs was “chosen to highlight emotive material, as always, and the manner in which our contributors pursue this impression is as hazy and off-kilter as you’d expect.”

Among many other standout tracks, Ghost Feet’s “Give Me Something” especially shines with its hypnotic synths, captivating guitar riffs, and the exceptional use of a drum machine. The duo Calvin Erdal and Rachel Dubuc are the minds (and bodies) behind Ghost Feet’s all-consuming, glitchy sound. The duo describe the track as “ an uphill climb” that “intensifies with every step of the way.” They describe the lingering longing the song instills in its listener with an aquatic metaphor; “As you approach the top of this hill, you hear the crashing waves pulling you towards the edge, where a cool resolution takes placeyou are then left staring at the vast open ocean with nothing else in sight.” Flowery, yes, but Erdal and Dubuc describe a beautiful, minimalism in the track and the feelings such production evokes.

Gem Drops Four is out July 29 on Dropping Gems.