Talking anuses with Tami Sagher, writer/producer of How I Met Your Mother

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Tami Sagher menage a trois

It is an absolute delight to welcome writer, producer, and recovering Coke Zero addict, Miss Tami Sagher, into our bedroom. Tami crushes on Dr. Drew, we offer a holiday tip on how to turn those prolapsed anuses into stockings to hang on the fireplace, and we give sexual maven Blanche Devereaux her just desserts. Also, did you know that, although engaged, Diana and Murf are still on OkCupid?

Tami was a delight to romp around with. You can catch any one of the many shows she's written for (30 Rock, Psych, MADtv, How I Met Your Mother) on your television, see her live Sunday evenings in Asssscat at UCB-NY, and follow her on Twitter.