A few thoughts on roots-drone supergroup Good Stuff House

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Good Stuff House

So what we have here is an all around, out and out Untitled LP from Good Stuff House, out on Holodeck Records — untitled record with 7 sprawling untitled tracks… This stuff seeps pure energy in a way that coats you in its hazy, woodsy crawl.

If you haven't already heard of Good Stuff House, you're just being foolish; but allow me to enlighten you. This project is a trio, comprised of a powerhouse line up: Scott Tuma, Matt Weis, and Matt Christensen — the latter two making up 2/3rds of Chicago drone-rock-art-pop crew Zelienople. Now I've chimed in heavy in recent times on my love of Zelienople. Their music came at a perfect time and coaxed out a nostalgic and comforting vibe, while maintaining something of an elegant menace that was necessary to bat my noggin.

Now, Good Stuff House is far more connected to the beautiful backwoods sound more akin to Scott Tuma's work. Tuma is a sage; a brilliant musician and source of strong energy in his own right. I was lucky enough to see an album of his get released and re-released through Bathetic Records. His music, the vibe of which completely encompasses Good Stuff House is pastoral and rootsy.

On this LP you'll hear long stretching drones cementing a variety of stringed instruments, from guitar to banjo to violin. This LP is not some average ambient fair or background droner, no this is immense and breathtaking. The musician work sprawls, sweeping and decaying and creating mental images fitting perfect with the album's artwork.

This is an album you can sink yourself into and feel a multitude of emotions creep out of your head, slinking down to your neck, knees, heart, and fingertips. Wistful melodies spill into each other without a notion of hesitance, but patience remains virtuous. The Untitled LP will suck you in and let you rest inside it for as long as you need — an album you'll loop, spin after spin, because you don't want to leave the world it creates. This is a world familiar to ours, a world you've surely been in, at some point, you just may have some trouble remembering.

You're welcomed back, with open arms.

Good Stuff House's Untitled LP is out now on Holodeck.