Aesop Rock + Camu Tao are Couch Boys

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It's a dreadful shame Camu Tao's genius was never presented to the masses at large. I am blind to any posthumous music Definitive Jux may release, but I am hopeful.

Until then, it seems his fellow Weathermen and friends will lament their loss. While this is probably an exclusive that should have stayed in Aesop's vaults, it's still interesting to hear what rappers do in their free time when they're not being overly serious about their craft.

Couch Boys, “Mixtape Exclusive”

The story behind Couch Boys from Aesop Rock, [preemptive sic]:

one night me and camu made a whole album on garage band called “couch boys”. we made all the tracks on the spot (sitting on a couch) and freestyled everything, making the rule “you must keep your first take” which made the outcome even more horrifying. essentially just a night of uber-nonsense from some pals. i uploaded the track “couch boys” from this session. the quality is poor, but it is what it is. really makes me remember an awesome time in my life. camu tao was my best friend.

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