The Crack Epidemic

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Hanger 18 might have been the most underappreciated group on the Definitive Jux roster next to Party Fun Action Committtee. The Hanger dropped two solid albums, The Multiplatinum Debut Album and Sweep The Leg, then called it quits.

Lucky for us, Alaska met Kojo at a Chin Chin concert. A few days later Alaska had some beats in his inbox and those beats became the songs on Woke Up This Morning?

The Crack Epidemic, “GO!”

The Crack Epidemic, “Self Destruction”


Download: Woke Up This Morning? EP

Woke Up This Morning? track listing:
01. It's Like
02. Party's Over
03. GO!
04. Self Destruction
05. Old Photographs
06. Pork Rinds & Hot Sawce
07. Lost Days