Albert Newton – “16 Dimensions”

Infectious vocals and dynamic rhythms collide on the singer-songwriter’s new single

Albert Newton‘s “16 Dimensions” is a sonic voyage through the surreal, showcasing his exceptional talent. It’s a captivating single and a tantalizing glimpse of his eagerly awaited debut album, which he’s also announcing today ahead of a 2024 release. 

This song, woven with intricate guitar work, immerses the listener in a realm of sound where electric guitars resonate with ethereal reverb, perfectly complementing Albert Newton’s smooth and evocative vocals. The track is a sonic tapestry characterized by infectious vocal melodies riding atop dynamic drum arrangements.

With “16 Dimensions,” Albert Newton beckons us to explore the metaphysical universe he’s crafted for his debut album. Inspired by meetings with a quantum researcher and an astrophysicist, he embarked on a creative journey that led to the recording studio in the summer of 2022. Collaborating with producer Max Baby, known for his work with artists like Hannah Jadagu and Goldie Boutilier, the result is an 11-track album that draws inspiration from musical luminaries such as Bowie, MGMT, Tame Impala, Frank Ocean, and even Philip Glass.

Speaking on the new single, Newton explains: “16 Dimensions” is my way of imagining what lies beyond black holes, which are sometimes seen as symbols of death or the end of information as we know it. I wanted to contrast the very obvious limits of our senses with the immense possibilities of reality that scientific theories suggest. Imagining how life might continue beyond this finite experience also puts into perspective how we live our lives here. Sometimes it’s frustrating to see how we get caught up in our daily and self-centered lives which is why I wrote the lyric “sometimes I can’t wait for the melting of the sun so we can be everything, everywhere, all the time” – which I wrote way before seeing the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once but I really like the serendipitous connection. I wanted the song’s structure to reflect this possible multiverse and have different parts, layers and sounds appearing throughout. I also can’t wait for you to discover the “Hello Black Hole” prelude that will give it even more context on the album.”

You can give “16 Dimensions” a spin below: