ALEPH – “Out of Focus (REDUX)” & “Just Believe”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Minneapolis producer delivers future garage bliss on a pair of new tracks

Minneapolis’ ALEPH is one of a myriad of rising DIY producers currently lighting up the internet’s electronic underground. A couple years ago, we included his debut album EGO DEATH in our Top 50 Albums of 2021, and now, he’s re-emerging with two excellent tracks released on a new single: “OUT OF FOCUS (REDUX)” and “JUST BELIEVE.”

The new tracks continue in the sound palette established on EGO DEATH, but entwined with slightly more subtle and nuanced club impulses. “OUT OF FOCUS” captures propulsive, clanging garage beats interacting with pulsing, celestial synths and electrified string-like melodies, while rolling waves of bass simmer and flow beneath the surface. Meanwhile, “JUST BELIEVE” is a flickering, uptempo tune that shimmers with touches of digital glitches and chopped up, ethereal vocal samples. Both songs carry a dash of sci-fi movie score vibe as well as more dance-friendly IDM flourishes. They usher in a bright start to the New Year for the forward-thinking producer.

On the two new tracks, ALEPH shared via his Bandcamp:

“Having started both songs toward the end of 2020, the two years it took to finish them have shaped these tracks into a sort of arrowhead pointing in the direction that I wish to take my music. Dance music has become something very sacred to me and I wanted to take some time to explore that space within my work, which probably feels like a bit of a departure from the space captured by EGO DEATH

Following an album was not an easy experience for me, as self-doubt took a severe hold on my creative process. I had to unlearn a lot of things that I had come to believe about who I am as an artist, and what my creation process should be. I eventually found that life again, and these tracks are the first step in that process. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)” 

You can give ALEPH’s “OUT OF FOCUS (REDUX)” and “JUST BELIEVE” below: