Alexa Wilding, “Wolves”

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While Alexa Wilding is best known for her celestial folk sound, her new song is certainly a departure from that. The New York native wrote the songs on her upcoming EP in a hospital while her son was being treated for cancer. “I had yet to come to terms with being a new mother, let alone the crisis I was in the middle of, so I turned to the only thing I knew how to do. I wrote at night, to escape really, revisiting people and places I missed, reliving moments, life on the road, relationships, all pre-motherhood. The songs kept us company, I made peace with the past, and we both made it out alive,” Wilding says.
“‘Wolves’ tells the story of a love affair that never took off, due to the lovers inability to ‘do as the wolves do’ and go for it,” explains Alexa. “So it’s a song of frustration as well as a call to arms. Usually songs come fast, but this one I worked the hardest on, slaving over the arrangements, trying to get the story and the textures just right. It brought out a ferocity in me as a songwriter and therefore became the title track, holding a special place in my heart.”
The songs on her new EP were written on a borrowed toy piano in the hospital. In Alexa’s song, “Wolves,” her voice is light and luminescent, while the deep instrumentals resonate within your soul, with an almost twangy-pop sound. The two elements come together in a captivating piece.

Upcoming Shows

July 11 – Rockwood Music Hall – New York, NY (EP Release Show w/ Annie Hart of Au Revoir Simone)
Aug 9 – Ludlow House – New York, NY

Alexa’s son, Lou, is now cancer free and her new EP, Wolves, will be released on July 8th.