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floating on a sphere

Deepakalypse is coming at us again with another incredible work of art. His first with Everloving, Floating on a Sphere is a collection of previously self-released material curated by the songwriter himself. We’ve got the exclusive album premiere right here.

Floating on a Sphere rolls through its tracks– –in a very organic way. Speaking of materialism, issues with society, and every day struggles among other things, the album itself is necessary right now. Period. The music is every bit as forward thinking as its originator, and the culture that Deepakalypse has experienced in his life is obvious in both the lyrics and the instrumentals.

Folky from the get-go, this album is an absolute for fans of a folk/indie sound heavy on strings. He plays with more funky sounds in songs like “Caught”, and more raw, under-produced sounds on “Radio Transmitter”. Then there are more upbeat songs like “Floating” that remind you of that punk show you went to last week, where you may have been caught crowd surfing. The title track itself is more of an easygoing summer song that translates well in any environment you choose to enjoy it in.

“Last Call” could very well be the newest “Closing Time“, if you’re looking for it. The whistling makes you feel like you’re in a crossover between a fun pop song and a scene in Robin Hood.

As many genres as are represented on this album, it somehow blends almost seamlessly from one track–and one thought process–to the next. If ever a person were to solve all of our world’s problems in one 10 track album, Floating on a Sphere is it.

Because, after all, aren’t we all floating on a sphere?

Floating on a Sphere is available July 8 via Everloving. Preorder it here