Big Krit Drops 12 Freestyles in 12 Hours, Leaves Def Jam

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Big Krit threw a freestyle party yesterday and let everyone know the occasion after the proceedings were over. The Mississippi rhymer released a one-of-a-kind #12for12 series yesterday, dropping a freestyle every hour from 12PM ET. He rhymed over a wide range of tracks, from a soothing Erykah Badu track on “Other Side of The Game” to “Drug Dealer’s Dream” and “Wicked.”

After the series was over, Krit tweeted that he was no longer a member of Def Jam Records, who he signed with in 2010. Krit didn’t announce any immediate label plans, but his newfound independence may spell a return to his mixtape roots. It’s arguable that Krit never received a push that his music justified on Def Jam. Also, with the clearance issues that typically hinder major label artists, it may have been difficult for the sample-heavy producer to fully find his creative comfort zone.

The typically introspective Krit expressed his industry qualms on several of the 12 for 12 tracks. On “Rambo” he rues “calling up the radio only for them to hangup,” and notes on“Wicked” that “if you ain’t scorin’ all the points and winnin’ in the Finals them labels’ll trade ya.”

Or sometimes you can pull a Kevin Durant and leave your team on your own volition.

You can stream the 12 or 12 series below.