DADA, “Power Station”

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power station

“Power Station”, the premiere track from London-based Dada’s upcoming EP The Pigeon Conspiracy, is a psychedelic amalgam of grunge and glam sensibilities with a sound as massive and electric as its title would suggest. “Power Station” opens with stuttering arpeggios dripping with effects that give way to cutting, beefy chords covered in a steely, audio sheen. The overall production of the song really stands out as it gives a crystal clear presence to everything from thunderous guitar and bass tones to the steady current of melodic, percussive static that subtly arcs across the length of the track.

According to James Schiavone, Dada’s lead vocalist, synth player, and guitarist, “Power Station” is “about summer, love, sunshine, dreams, hopes, and memories”. While this may seem like quite a lot of ground to cover in just over four minutes, the song skillfully touches on each of those themes through both lyrics and sound. “Power Station” has a catchy chorus and tumbling instrumental breaks that stagger to the brink of collapse before strutting back into the charged rhythm that courses through the track. With “Power Station”, Dada have displayed a laid back exuberance and effortless cool that updates Britpop for the modern era while keeping it firmly rooted in its timeless array of influences.

Dada’s upcoming EP The Pigeon Conspiracy will be available July 8 on Black Wire Music and you can pre-order it on iTunes now. You can also follow Dada on their Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Tumblr.