Aly Tadros, “Your Escape”

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Texas’ folk-pop singer-songwriter Aly Tadros has been gearing up for the release of her upcoming album Hungry Ghost for quite some time. But before that happens, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of her track “Your Escape”.

Radio static. The beat of a drum. Then, dramatic keys on the piano bring an intense, dark feel to the song. Aly’s slightly raspy, low vocals are soft against the instrumentals, adding an edge to the song as she sings, “I will be your escape.”

“I grew up in a pretty conservative home, and for most of my career felt I had to be apologetic and demure when talking about sexuality,” Tadros admits. “‘Your Escape’ was my first overtly sensual song written from a place of power. Live, the song has a lot of energy, and I was anxious it wouldn’t translate into the studio. So when Kevin (my producer) pulled in elements of trip-hop (a la Portishead/Massive Attack), I was thrilled. The song is meant to be brazen. The grittier, the better.”

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