Anatomy of the post-Merriweather indie band

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Be grateful that you live in a post-Merriweather pavilion from which you can look glibly back at a time when the cross between electronic music and “indie” rock had to be something about dance and punk (and Daft Punk playing at your house). Now you can get that cross section of roots music and production-playfulness that the Books and Califone mastered five years ago in the banjos and far-out panning in “Tesseract,” followed by the Afro-Cuban drum circle/choral bursts as performed by grasshoppers cuing midi keyboards in “Trust and Candor”, and your mind's already been conditioned not to blow. This is sort of sad, but in the future, fetishists of this era will have a treasure trove of bands like Brooklyn's excellent Binary Marketing Show that filled out the diaspora of white kid world music to the breaking point. Just wait for the mariachi horns, then question how far this should really go.

The Binary Marketing Show, “Tesseract”

The Binary Market Show, “Trust and Candor”