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Non-Projects label founder Brian Allen Simon has worn two hats in his imprint, curator and a member of the roster under the moniker Anenon. Based in Los Angeles, Anenon mines the spiritual core of of improvisational music, where it matters not if it’s considered jazz, avant garde, or electronic. He’s planted his feet at the intersection.

His latest album is entitled Sagrada, which is a translated from Spanish to English means “sacred.” Within the fingerprints of his compositions, he explores the hallowed grooves through controllers, drones, and his tenor saxophone. Having traveled the world and gathered knowledge from fellow luminaries, Simon sees himself as both a creator and a collector. In his travels and vital to his aesthetic, has been the constant pursuit of the next ECM record to add to his collection. With his contribution to our Friday Night series, Anenon pieced together over an hour of his favorite ECM tracks from artists like Meredith Monk, John Surman, David Darling, and Keith Jarrett.

Anenon had the following to say regarding his mix and admiration for ECM:

ECM is a record label founded in Germany in 1969 that is still issuing music on a regular basis today.

Before I knew anything about visual art and esthetics, an ECM jacket would always “pop” to me while digging in record stores.

The graphic design, typography and photography on their best covers make the music sound even more tantalizing.

ECM is hugely responsible for me considering myself a collector of music. The catalogue is so deep and I’ve always preferred its esthetic over other major jazz labels such as Blue Note or Impulse. The recordings are consistently pristine as well—another influence on my own musical style.

I’ve always wanted to make an ECM mix and this is my first attempt in doing so.

I wasn’t going for anything comprehensive as that would be impossible to do within an hour mix, so I stayed with keeping a consistent vibe throughout, keeping this in mind as a Friday night mix. A Friday night in with some vibey records.

Personal highlights for me are Meredith Monk’s “Cave Song”, Charles Lloyd’s “Tales of Rumi”, and Keith Jarrett’s “Tokyo Encore”.

Anenon’s Sagrada is out now on Non-Projects.

“All ECM Everything” tracklisting:
01 John Surman, “My Friend” (from Such Winters of Memory, 1983)
02 Lester Bowie, “Rios Negroes” (from The Great Pretender, 1981)
03 Paul Bley, “Harlem” (from Open, To Love, 1972)
04 Terje Rypdal/Miroslav Vitous/Jack DeJohnette, “Flight” (from S/T, 1978)
05 Meredith Monk, “Cave Song” (from Book of Days, 1990)
06 Marcin Wasilewski, “Hyperballad” (Bjork cover) (from Trio, 2005)
07 David Darling, “Cycle One: Namaste” (from Cycles, 1982)
08 Arve Henriksen, “Poverty and its Opposite” (from Cartography, 2008)
09 Jack DeJohnette, “Picture 6 ” (from Pictures, 1976)
10 Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, “Shadow Play” (from The Eleventh Hour, 2005)
11 Dans Les Arbres, “Le Flegme” (from Dans Les Arbres, 2008)
12 Charles Lloyd, “Tales of Rumi” (from Canto, 1997)
13 Keith Jarrett, “Tokyo Encore” (from Sun Bear Concerts, 1978)