Talk in Tongues, “Still Don’t Seem to Care”

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The LA psych outfit Talk in Tongues possesses an aptness for choosing band names. Their previous moniker, Brother Blyss, hints at the lattice of flanged guitars melding “Still Don’t Seem to Care” together even before the needle drops, while their current handle makes it clear that words come secondary to the music. Underneath the vast landscape of cymbal crashes and swells of guitars echoing in a space the size of a New Mexico canyon, singer Garrett Zeile’s vocals cut through to reveal a sketch of a loner girl oblivious to her own destruction: “What is stopping her from losing her cool/ You know it can’t be me or you/ When she’s consistently acting a fool.”

The magnitude of Talk in Tongues’ sonic palate will reflexively incite connections between them and Tame Impala: both make guitar-driven songs stewed in a pot of primordial soup by the drumstick of John Bonham, but TT (or more colloquially, TIT) present themselves as a concentrated incarnation of their Australian counterpart with less interest in experimentation, and the use of clear-eyed pop song structure—a festival-ready band who appeal more to the casual toker than the versed bean dropper.

Check out “Still Don’t Seem to Care” below, and look forward to the vinyl release on November 25 via Fairfax Recordings.