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San Francisco's Art Museums are poised to be the next big burnouts to tread water past the breakers and carry its lo-fi sound into the lofts and basements of America.

We first caught wind of Art Museums when trading emails with Edmund of Teenage Panzerkorps. His name is not actually Edmund, but he was honest enough to give us the heads up that his other band Art Museums was putting the finishing touches on its debut.

Entitled Rough Frame, the debut will be out in 2010 on Woodsist. A fitting home for the airy troubadours, whose lo-fi mostly jangles. The “Anglophile jams” were recorded on a Tascam 388 tape machine, which is so innately archaic it almost justifies the use of a drum machine on “We Can't Handle It,” which can be heard on its Myspace page.

Art Museums, “Sculpture Gardens”