Atlas Engine, “Ghost On The Shore”

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Former member of Terrible Terrible and and integral part of Braeves, Nick LaFalce has split off to work on his one man alternative rock / indie pop project called Atlas Engine. He has just released his latest track, “Ghost On The Shore”, and we have it right here for you, right now.

“Ghost On The Shore” slows things down – within the first few chords of the song, you can feel your body settling and heartbeat slowing as you take in the music. LaFalce’s voice is low and translucent, just gliding through the instrumentals. The song is full of raw emotion as he sings, “open your eyes, my dear,” and you an really feel the music coursing through your body. This tune is so easy to get lost in as the momentum of the song builds and builds, until its release at the very end.

Spectacular. Beautiful. Entrancing.

The album is due out July 29th.