Pagemaster vs. Baby Sloth Spirit

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Bryan Kusenda is the guy behind both Pagemaster and Baby Sloth Spirit, two glistening bedroom projects that share affinities for synth textures but fork at the road between ambience and drum-pad pop.

Both projects have been on-and-off affairs for the past few years. In Kusenda's own words:

I started Pagemaster first, then I dropped it and did my Baby Sloth Spirit stuff up until about late 08 / early 09. Then I started doing some more Pagemaster but both projects have been on hiatus up until now. I'm trying to get both of them up and running again so hopefully I'll have some new tunes soon. I'm mostly working on droney arpeggiated synth junk.

Droney and arpeggiated sounds like the Mega DragonZord that is Pagemaster and Baby Sloth Spirit combined.

Pagemaster, “Channeling A”
Pagemaster, “Channeling B”
Baby Sloth Spirit, “Eyes”
Baby Sloth Spirit, “Dolphin Orgonite”