Bankrobber, “Boym'n”

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Bankrobber may be an inauspicious name for a band, especially when that band doesn't seem capable of hurting a fly, but no mind. Vancouver's proud three-piece has released their debut physical cassette, and the first single sees them making friendly, effervescent music with reverbed noodling. “Boy'm” is similar to other favorites of ours—the genius of Giving Up, the garage power of The Black Lips—but is firmly planted within its own universe. As Jordan Minkoff clearly emotes, “Every time I even try to think about the past / all it does is make me want to laugh”, it's clear that Bankrobber is facing the deep issues in the only way they know how: with a smile on their faces. Stay tuned for a breaking down of the track, featuring a strong synth solo and Minkoff's vocals sounding more like free poetry than cemented lyrics.

Bankrobber's debut cassette, Life's Nutso, is available to purchase through Seagreen Records. The band will open for Built to Spill at Treefort Festival on March 22 in Boise.