Beatmaker Willie Green

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Willie Green, Backwoodz Studioz, instrumental hip hop

Willie Green's instrumental record is a drum heavy battle, pinning He-Man against Dangermouse's arch-enemy Baron Silas Greenback.

Willie Green proves he's a true cartoon junkie since he was a little shorty. Green's instrumental record …Of Heroes & Villains narrates a fictional battle through samples. Available as a free download at Backwoodz Studioz, Green's story record plays the adventure out without the aid of a rapper, yet the narrative told through the vibes is tangible. It may seem bold, but this record makes a nice companion piece to MF Doom's Operation: Doomsday with its cartoon samples and mood indicators. You can tell through the sonics which songs are He-Man triumphs and which songs are Silas Greenback wrecking havoc.

Download …Of Heroes And Villains.