Big Baby Gandhi, Debut

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Big Baby Gandhi

Big Baby Gandhi announced his retirement from rap in early 2013. He's giving up the moniker to be Nasif the pharmacist, which would also be a dope rap name. Before curtain call, Gandhi was generous enough to complete his swan song debut before retirement into the legalized drug game.

Bluntly titled, Debut is a self-produced, self-arranged, and self-released record. Much like the freestyled purging at the end of the No 1 2 Look Up 2 mixtape, Big Baby Gandhi is leaving nothing unsaid on Debut. He's the same Gandhi who compacts his verses in prototypical rap tropes only to admit he's purposely pandering. From the hooks to the song titles (“True 2 Da Game”, “My Maybach”), Gandhi has set the bait, but beneath the surface is a rapper who's skilled at writing catchy hooks and couplets and unafraid to let his flaws (both technical and lifestyle) be heard.

Buy Big Baby Gandhi's Debut at his Bandcamp.