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Round One

Alap Momin has been actively involved in creative expression through music for three decades. His music has gone through many phases, initially involving grunge influence as he was in a handful of punk bands early on. He opened his first recording studio at age 19, and easily found his footing in DJing and producing for a wide variety of artists. Now he’s back with his newest–and first solo–project under the moniker of BKGD Audio. He has been remixing songs like crazy for the past two years, and is ready to unleash his first full-length album on the public, aptly titled Round One.

There isn’t really one sound that can be identified with BKGD Audio. It is clear after listening to the first couple of tracks in their entirety that he’s got a full bag of tricks up his sleeve. Round One has been described as “a fusion of classic NY club music mixed with sounds and vibes drawn from various burgeoning new skool club styles, and haunted by sonic ghosts from his spaced out dalek past.” (Seriously, check out the “Short Description” on his Facebook page.)

If we had to pick one favorite from the Round One roster, it would have to be Track 5 “I Got The Screw”. We’re not sure if that’s a double entendre or not, but we’d like to think so. Besides our gutter minds, the laser-like sounds that accompany the track make us feel like we’re in a dance club in the deep recesses of outer space. So, there’s that. Plus, anything that samples Snap is a win in our books.


Round One is out now.