Blackhawks are not what that sounds like

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Dan Svizeny from Cough Cool/Nude Beach sent along some tracks from a Philly project called Blackhawks, which would totally be a 70s hard rock band with songs like “War Pigs” and “The Number of the Beast”. But this is 2010, and they are referencing a Chicago hockey team, so they went with songs called “Cake Farts!” and “More Rainbows Come Down Softly To My Soul”. (Update: This second track is a cover of Spacemen 3's “Come Down Softly To My Soul”.)

More precious than the guitar crunch of Cough Cool or Nude Beach's summer odes, but maybe it's because the songs start so soft-serve that they're also wide-open, expansive, enough that ambient synth swirls float over the landscape in “More Rainbows Come Down Softly To My Soul”. Like Psychocandy after oxycontin.

Blackhawks, “Cake Farts!”
Blackhawks, “More Rainbows Come Down Softly To My Soul” (Spaceman 3 cover)