Blues Control, “Summer Games” b/w “Studio 69”

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blues control

On Saturday Blues Control graced Record Store Day with a song from the Space Project release, a compilation or fourteen artists' compositions that incorporate recordings from NASA’s 1977 Voyager space probes (streaming now on NPR). What's more, they've updated Soundcloud with a stream of their upcoming cassette single featuring the tracks “Summer Games” and “Studio 69,” recorded five and three years ago, respectively. “Summer Games” is a fuzzed-over synth throwback to '80s action movie trailers peppered with horns, xylophone, and psych guitar. Similarly imaginative, “Studio 69” starts in with a house beat before giving over to prominent jazz piano, alternatingly rhythmic and free-form, amidst warping space-age ambience.

The band's own label, Managing Expectations, will release the new cassette single on May 5. It will also be available at Fusetronsound, as well as at upcoming shows in Brooklyn and Chile. Stream both tracks below.