Emily Reo's Olive Juice gets remixed twice over

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Last September digital dreampop nymph Emily Reo released her debut album, Olive Juice, on Florida-based Elestial Sound. Filled with lush, garden-like soundscapes and buoyed throughout by an array of video game beepings and boopings, Reo's tangle of electronic flora is brought down to earth by two layers of her soothing, talk-sing vocals. The album's eight tracks are a journey for the subconscious, and all the evokations of dream wanderings and sun-drenched naps and prismatic slumberlands are pretty appropriate. A clear-skied 420 helps as far as enjoyment goes, too.

On Sunday, the high holiday of garden dreaming, the Orlando native released an album of Olive Jucie remixes. Six of the album's eight tracks have been reinagined by members of Reo's FMLY artist collective—”Happy Birthday” and “Car” are the only two original cuts not included—with each song getting refracted through the lens of a different member of the FMLY family twice…so that's 12 tracks in all. Stream all of 'em below or download the entire lot for free via Bandcamp. Reo will also be re-releasing Olive Juice as a limited edition cassette this spring in anticipation of a North American tour with boyfriend Noah Klein, also known as Cuddle Formation, whose remix of Reo's “Rainbow Road” is featued on the album of Olive Juice reinterpretations.