Carrie Beehan, “Chandelier In A Rowboat”

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New York’s Carrie Beehan is at it again. Her latest single, “Chandelier In A Rowboat”, off her upcoming Alazon In The Quiet Room LP – an album written through her own grief – is packed to the brim with 80’s synth enchantment, Carrie’s signature light-as-air – but somehow scratchy at the same time – vocals, and meaningful, intense lyrics. We’re not kidding. In just 5:23, she takes us through emotional twists and turns, addressing topics of financial loss (“He went down five years for his fraud and deception”), emotional loss, grief (“And her last tears of dignity slipped down on a hospice floor”), perseverance (“He carved out more years, he plugged those bullet holes with oilcloth and sandpaper”), and redemption and tied them up with the strong visual.

“Put your chandelier in a rowboat and push off.”

What a stunning visual and an intense narrative to learn an immense lesson from.

Alazon In The Quiet Room is out October 21st. It is available for preorder now.